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Bulk SMS can help you grow your business
Lulu Bulk SMS can help you grow your business
We have the cheapest bulk sms in Kenya starting from 15 cents

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Bulk SMS Marketing

Make more sales By frequently sending marketing text message to an individual, a group or list of current or potential customers.

Mail merge outgoing message so that everyone receives a personal message when you send to a group or a list

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Happy BirthDay Wishes

Make more sales by enticing your customers with offers during their birthday week, keeps track of your customers birthday and sends them a happy birthday and happy pre birthday week wish

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Satisfaction Survey and Feedback

Make more sales by continuously improving on your products and services based customer feedback, allows you to request for satisfaction survey in realtime as the customer is buying or later on.

View, analyse and evaluate feedback in realtime in form of graph and raw data

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Bulk SMS to M-Pesa Intregrations

Make more sales An incoming M-Pesa payments triggers out a bulk sms notitication.This sms can be used to,

  1. Market your products
  2. Market other companies products for a fee
  3. Thank the customer upon purchase
  4. Request for customer satisfaction survey
  5. Mine contacts from M-Pesa and automatically create a customer database
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Automatic Contacts data mining

Make more sales Automatically grab and save customer contacts for future use in SMS marketing campaigns, technology can help mine data from customers paying using m-pesa and using your free wi-fi network

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M-Pesa Receipt printing

Make more sales This can help you make more sales as follows

Avoid, looking at customer phones to confirm payments

Avoid, fraud by customers who show you messages on their phones for payments already redeemed

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M-Pesa to Excel reports

Make more sales This will save cost of reconcilliations of M-PEsa payments transactions

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Data Collection

Make more sales driving traffic to another web site e.g to google forms, facebook page etc also has features that assist in automated Information Gathering database Creation

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